Tips on staying safe while travelling overnight on the bus

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Many people fear travelling at night and immediately discard it as an option. However, there are many benefits linked to travelling overnight. You can cover long distances while you are sleeping and reach your destination feeling fresh and rejuvenated in the morning, without having spent any money on a hotel. Here are a few tips to travelling overnight both safely and comfortably.

Choose a good seat

A lot of thought ought to go into the process of choosing a seat. If you sit next to a window, you can use it to prop your pillow against it. If you are a female travelling alone, it is best to sit next to a woman just to reduce the risk of attracting unwanted male attention.

Most all of us think the back of the bus is reserved for life’s shadier character. This might not always be true. Sometimes people choose to sit at the back because they find the view of the road in the windscreen frightening while others prefer sitting in the front to be close to the door. Whichever your preference, try to pick a seat in which you feel the most comfortable.

Always be on alert and cautious

Although music is a great way to tune out the noise inside the bus and to help you sleep, we would advise against it. It completely shuts out noise therefore making you unaware of what is going on around you.

How are you supposed to sleep if you have to stay alert at all times then? When travelling with a companion a great idea would be if you and your partner can take it in turns to sleep while the other stays awake. This way, there will always be eyes on your luggage.

If however, you are travelling alone, befriend the person next to you and perhaps you two can make the same arrangement.

Never keep all your valuables in one place

Keeping your valuables in one place simply makes it easier for the thief. Hide your valuables and money in different places instead of one purse or pocket. This way, should you get robbed, the criminal only runs away with some of your stuff.

Hide your credit card inside your shoes which you have packed inside your luggage, your passport or ID in your shirt pocket and any other creative ideas you can think of. We would advise you to keep only a little cash in your wallet as that is the first thing thieves steal.

Remember that there is safety in numbers

When the bus stops for a bathroom break, always take your companion with you. Be quick about it and return to the bus as soon as possible in order to avoid spending a long time outside in the dark.

Mega Coach ensures its passengers’ safety at all times and we aim to make your overnight travel experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Contact us on 011 249 8700 for reservations and enquiries.

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