Things to keep in mind when organising a group tour

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Organising a holiday/ getaway for a group is quite different to organising one for individuals. The bigger the group, the more complex the logistics. Whether you are sending a group of employees on an organised trip as an incentive or spoiling your circle of friends to a holiday, here are some things you should keep in mind.

  1. Safety first

When sending a group of tourists to a foreign destination the risk of something going wrong is far greater than with one or two individuals. Your primary concern should be each member of the group’s safety. Do extensive research on each destination they will travel to and explore, especially by foot. Be aware of areas with high crime rates which include crimes such as hijackings, pick-pocketing, muggings et cetera. Furthermore, become familiar with health precautions of each area, for instance, those where you are likely to get infected with malaria. It is up to you to advise your group on what health and safety precautions to take prior to your trip. These include advising them to bring something as simple as sunblock. For further peace of mind, be sure that there is a trained first aider among the group and a fully stock first-aid kit with them at all times.

  1. Choose sensible activities

More people equal more diverse taste and preference. Be sure to choose activities that are generally enjoyed by everyone. For instance, don’t just assume everyone would enjoy bungee jumping or skydiving as Acrophobia (the fear of heights) is quite common. Choose your group’s activities wisely or do a survey among them prior to the trip.

  1. Be sensitive to culture and religion

If you plan on including any religious or cultural destinations on your group’s route, a survey should definitely be conducted. Some people might find visiting a place of worship connected to a certain religion offensive, even if it makes no sense to you. Others could find certain cultures offensive due to historic events.

  1. Data, numbers and figures

You should be extremely organised with your group. Be sure to know exactly who is allergic to what, who is vegetarian or vegan, who has a certain disorder and who finds what offensive. Keep a tab of it and accommodate each and every individual during the trip. It seems quite obvious, but do a count to ensure every member of your team is present at all times, and that provisions are made for each of them (enough accommodation, seating space et cetera). Lastly, make sure everyone is aware of their individual budgets and all expenses they would face along the way. As the organiser, be aware of the overall budget at all times and have an emergency fund should an unexpected expense surface.

  1. Travel arrangements

When sending a group on a trip, travel arrangements can become a nightmare, luckily we at Mega Coach have you covered. When sending a group on a tour through South Africa, what better way than on a luxury bus service driven by a professional driver. Mega Coach’s coaches and buses can accommodate large groups of people with ample facilities to make their trips comfortable. With some of the best coach and bus prices in South Africa, we would be your safest bet. Apart from their primary transport, be sure that you cover the travels to and from the destination of departure and any additional travelling that should be done.

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