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Waiting, in general, is not one of the most pleasant activities to endure. Waiting for the bus in the icy winter is even more nightmarish. While Mega Coach prides itself in keeping with pickup times as accurately as possible, some waiting is bound to happen, especially if you get dropped off at a pickup location early. While we cannot offer you comfort from the cold before you board one of our coaches, we can offer you some sound advice to beat the cold during your waiting times this winter.

Dress practically

While this might seem like common sense, there are several adjustments that you could make to your attire to ensure a more comfortable wait. It all starts with the first layer of clothing. Piling on clothing on top of your loosely-fitted shirt might not achieve proper heat insulation. Dress in tight clothing such as leggings/ long johns and a tight long-sleeve vest first, followed by body-hugging pants and top and the rest of your attire. Beanies and ear muffs will take care of your head while gloves will keep your hands warm. An extra layer of socks could help if your shoes are a size too big for your feet.

Drink something warm while waiting for the bus

If you have access to hot coffee, make use of it. If not, carry a flask and drink up. This will warm you from the inside and offer you much-needed body heat to be insulated by your layers of clothing.

Move around

This might be the last thing you would want to do in cold weather, but consider going for a short walk, even if you have to repeat it several times. It might seem to others like pacing, but you’ll thank yourself once you’ve built up some body heat.

Look for the ideal waiting spot

Whether you are dressed up well enough or not, icy wind can make things a lot worse and render clothing and body heat momentarily insufficient. Look for shelter from the wind if at all possible. While it might not be possible to wait indoors, standing in a corner or partially enclosed structure can already offer protection from the wind.

Use technology

Carry a warm water bottle or the electric alternative. Keep it zipped up inside your (first) jacket or coat and occasionally grip it with your hands if your gloves aren’t heating your hands enough.

Go the old fashioned route

If you generally get cold quickly, it might be wise to carry a proper blanket with you. You are likely to need one during your winter travel bus trip anyway, so, before you set off to your waiting area, wrap it around you as if it were an item of clothing. This will most definitely limit the use of your hands, so make sure you’ve got everything such as your cell phone and bus ticket within reach should you need it in a jiffy.

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