6 Reasons why it’s easier to board a Mega Coach in winter instead

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Why drive around in the cold when you can simply let Mega Coach take you where you need to be? During the winter holidays, few are even in the mood to leave the house, yet, we would argue that winter is one of the most special seasons to go out and travel with friends!

Let’s show you why it’s just so much easier to take a bus in winter.

You can just sit back and relax

When taking a Mega Coach, you can simply sit back, relax and perhaps catch a few Zs while our trained drivers take you where you need to be. No need to sit behind a steering wheel, shivering, any longer.

You can bring a travel blanket on board and snuggle under it too!

Fill your flask with a hot beverage of your choice, wrap yourself in a travel blanket and enjoy the journey in comfort. Can you think of anything better than this?

You get to entertain yourself while on a Mega Coach

So, you have long hours on the road ahead? Finish that book you’ve been meaning to read, watch a movie on your tablet or rope a family member travelling with you into a game of cards. Now, everyone can enjoy the journey without one person having to drive and focus on getting everyone to their destination in one piece.

You can create warm memories

Travelling with a romantic partner? Why not share a blanket and watch a movie together? Spend the journey laughing with family and friends, everyone completely enjoying themselves. Take selfies, do some team building activities if you’re travelling with co-workers, sing, laugh. Be Happy.

How about a cup of tea?

Make that a flask of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. Make yourself some before your journey and enjoy in peace whenever you like. Bonus? There is no need to risk spilling hot coffee on your lap while drinking and driving. 😉

It’s more affordable

Say you’re a lot of people going on a winter holiday; wouldn’t it make more sense to rent one bus for the occasion rather than having everyone drive themselves? It’s less punishment to the environment and everyone’s wallets.

Now, do you believe us? Taking a bus is that much easier when choosing to travel in winter. Don’t hide away in your home. Now is not the time for hibernation! Contact Mega Coach and let us take you on your next big adventure!

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