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Regardless of your age, a trip to Gold Reef City is an adrenaline pumping experience. A day to this awesome theme park is the type of occasion that should keep you awake with excitement the evening before.

Depending on your age, you should have experienced some field trip with a group of friends or fellow pupils to Gold Reef City. It’s also a popular destination for work and team building functions. It’s even a destination that our Mega Coach bus and coach services get booked for most.

If you haven’t been there yet or aren’t familiar with all the park has to offer, here is s suggestion of the perfect day at Gold Reef City. Just remember the park is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, so choose your visiting day wisely.

8.30am – Arrive at Gold Reef City. This is a popular destination and the queues can get very long. Try and get a spot as close as possible to the gate by arriving early.

9.30am – Gates open. Pay for your tickets and get going.

10am – Get in line to ride the Tower of Terror. Trust us, get the scariest rides out of the way first as you might not have the stomach or time to ride it later in the day. When you’re done with this ride, visit the Anaconda and several other rides that might scare you. Miner’s Revenge, Jozi Express and the Golden Loop are just some of these.

11.30am – Go and experience a 4D Movie. 12pm – Lunch time. Go grab a bite to eat at any one of the park’s food outlets or restaurants.

12.45 – Work off your meal with a session at Jump City. Access to Jump City is included in the Thrill Rider and Kiddie Rider ticket options and jumpers need to purchase a pair of special grip socks at R30 in order to use the trampolines. Luckily the socks are reusable. Jump City offers 21 regular trampolines, a dodgeball court, two basketball lanes, a foam pit with a climbing wall and more.

2pm – Take the Jozi’s Story of Gold tour. Learn how Johannesburg came to be, how gold was discovered on the reef, descend 75 meters underground plus witness the magnificent glow of a live gold pour.

3pm – It’s time to queue for your last rides of the day. Some of the best rides to do last include the Log Ride and Lazy Boats. But if you haven’t yet touched any of the other rides for the day, better get going. Some fun rides include the Runaway Train, Tornado and the Giant Wheel. If that’s enough excitement for you during the day, why not grab a game of putt-putt?

If you are planning on visiting Gold Reef City as part of a group, be sure to contact Mega Coach to travel to the park in style. All coaches come with a professional driver. Contact us here.

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