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Travelling is one of the best freedoms we have. Whether we are successful and wealthy or young and opportunistic, we can at any time find the means to go explore our country and beyond.

A rising trend among young people is group travel, where a group of friends would rent a Mega Coach bus to explore the country in and split the costs of accommodation, food, et cetera.

Whether this is an idea you fancy or not, here is a list of travel tips courtesy of Mega Coach, to ensure that your journey is as safe as it is enjoyable.

1. Take care of the essentials at home

Is someone taking care of your pets in your absence? Are all non-essential electrical switches switched off? Is there someone who is on standby for in case something goes wrong at your place. These are all factors to consider. Let loved ones or friends know where you are going and for how long. If you tend to forget small but important items such as keys at your holiday destinations, leave your house keys with someone you can trust.

2. Take care of your “normal” lifestyle

Travelling can often make us forget about normal working days, weeks and months and the priorities that go with it. If you plan on going for a longer than usual trip especially if it exceeds a month in duration, make sure that commitments such as rent and other bills are met on the day they should be met. Also, if you have dependants or even business commitments, make sure that all processes are in place before you leave.

3. Take care of yourself

We will be covering essentials to pack extensively in Part Two of this guide series, but certain things should be considered before you even pack a single item. Nominate a person who you can notify of your travelling progress and latest stops so that they can arrange for assistance should you be in trouble. Arrange for lifts to and from your boarding and disembarking locations and your destinations. Write down important numbers of the area you are visiting so that you don’t get stuck in a difficult situation. These include sector police, emergency and ambulance services, and community policing forums. Pack snacks and water to keep you fed and hydrated on the bus or plane et cetera.

4. Choose your destination wisely

The is probably one of the most important travel tips. If you have not yet done so, be sure to check out reviews on all accommodation facilities and attractions you plan on visiting. If there is a consistency in bad comments, rather make other arrangements. 5. Stash your cash Make sure you have a great balance between cash on hand and debit/ credit. Carry only enough cash for a single day and keep it well hidden. Keep your cards in a safe place to, preferably where they can’t get stolen (such as a backpack et cetera).

Stay tuned for part two of this blog for more travel tips with Mega Coach.

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