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Sun City is a magical place for all ages. The problem is, however, your and your children’s ideas of fun might differ greatly. So you land in Gauteng with your group of friends, you’ve booked your Mega Coach charter to the Lost City, and you become excited. Halfway to Sun City from the airport, however, you are reminded of your duty to keep you children entertained at all times. How will you ever get to enjoy the wonders that await you with this responsibility? Easy. Sun City is a family destination and your children can expect to have a blast without worrying too much about your efforts to entertain them. Here is how you could keep your kids busy in Sun City.

1. The Magic Company

It’s been around for ages. For the past decade or more, our children could enjoy themselves at virtually any mall with some cash and several machines to play on. The Magic Company is nothing new to South Africa, but when you visit this entertainment hall in Sun City as a child, you wouldn’t want to leave. Sun City has a large Magic Company hall to entertain your children while you explore the resort’s wonders.

2. Kamp Kwena

If you plan on doing some serious exploring, it might be worthwhile to “book” your little ones in at Kamp Kwena. In doing so you can rest assured that your children are taken care of with the additional benefit of them having the time of their lives. This facility offers a wide variety of activities and educational programmes to entertain children between the ages of four and 12. It also offers crèche and babysitting services.

3. Animal world

You’ve taken them to the zoo and seen their eyes grow wide as they observe the wonders of nature. Children love animals, as we all should. Sun City offers fun and educational wildlife activities for children. Your children get in for free and will be treated to an experience of a lifetime.

4. Mini golf in Sun City

We all know that Sun City is a serious golfing destination. It has been host to some of the greatest golfing legends of our time, not to mention being home to golf courses designed by the greatest golfing legends. Why not teach your children a thing or two about golfing by letting them loose at Sun City’s Mini Golf course. It’s an 18-hole course that can be enjoyed with or without your parental involvement.

Whenever you find yourself on your way to Sun City with a group of friends or colleagues, make sure of two things:

1. To work out a fun schedule for your little ones while you enjoy the pleasures that await and;

2. That you hire the best coach rental service to get you there safely and in style. Contact us to help you with the latter.

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