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If you ever felt like the buses you are used to are just inadequate or boring, be grateful. Some countries have the most outrageous transport systems in the world today. The olden days also saw numerous strange wheeled inventions.

For your entertainment, Mega Coach has collected a few strange buses from around the world

  1. Low Rider

This low rider school bus called Shortcut High Bus is a fusion of the 1949 Ford School bus and a Cadillac Eldorado Frame. It is the creation of Jerry Bowers as an attempt to make school cool for pupils.

  1. Topsy-Turvy

The Topsy-Turvy bus was designed and built by Tom Kennedy, a car artist. The vehicle consists of two school buses welded together rooftop to rooftop. The bus is supposed to depict America’s upside down budget priorities.

  1. Disney Resort Cruiser


The Disney Resort Cruiser used as a convenient mode of transport for guests to Disney Resorts. Guests staying at the hotels can use this shuttle free of charge to get to their chosen destinations within the resort. The bus sports windows in the shape of Disney’s Mickey Mouse.

  1. Pokemon/ Pikachu bus


A familiar sight at Yokohama’s Pokemon festival is this Pikachu/ Pokemon-themed bus. These buses are apparently now used as school buses in Osaka, Japan to make it easier for children to take the bus to school.

  1. Triple-deckers


The picture above is of the first triple-decker bus that hit the road for the first time in 1932. This bus was able to shuttle a maximum of 88 passengers between Rome and Tivole. More recently, in the 1950s the General American Aerocoach Corporation introduced their line of triple-deckers (below).


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