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On any bus, Mega Coach coach and bus services included, you are sharing a small space with several passengers. You need to avoid conduct that could lead to physical and verbal confrontation with other passengers, thereby endangering your safety, the safety of other passengers and distracting the driver.

Mega Coach bus and coach services brings you these tips to guard the peace ensuring you have a pleasant trip.

Be courteous at all times to both fellow passengers and the driver.


The best passengers are the ones who tend to keep to themselves and quietly enjoy the ride home.


Smoking will be prohibited on most passenger buses- abide by this law.


Music devices may be used for your listening pleasure, but earphones must be used and the volume should be low enough so that others cannot hear it.


Do not commit any act or engage in any behaviour that may cause harm, damage, or disturbance to any person or property.


Refrain from having loud and/or vulgar conversations on the bus, including cellular phone conversations.


Avoid unwanted conversation with other passengers tending to interfere with the other passengers’ use and enjoyment of the bus; or using obscene, threatening, offensive or “hate” speech.


Don’t throw things inside the bus. This could hurt other passengers or the driver.


Report any suspicious items or activities immediately to the operator – Do not confront passengers on your own.


Do not create unsanitary conditions on the buses or at bus stops.


Help keep buses and bus stops clean by using trash and recycling receptacles.


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