7 Reasons why you should take the bus

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The bus is quite an undervalued form or transportation with some people judging the system as unreliable and unsafe. We beg to differ. The benefits of travelling by bus are endless but let’s start you off with 8 reasons why you should take the bus.

  1. It saves you money

Of course this is at the top of the list since all of us are constantly looking for ways to save money. Rather spend less money on buying a bus ticket instead of running out of petrol every second week.

  1. It is comfortable

Imagine a scenario where you can sit back while browsing your Facebook or taking a nap while the driver gets you to where you need to be. Now, stop imagining and book your ticket. Travel in comfortable seats and semi-luxury facilities.

  1. See more places

Sometimes we are afraid to drive long distances or go to certain places. Buses can take you to places where you wouldn’t normally drive on your own. See more of the world as it passes outside the window.

  1. It removes the stress of having to drive

Many of us do sometimes get anxious when stuck in Sandton traffic or driving through Johannesburg at 10pm for example. Bus drivers relieve all of your stress so that you do not have to worry about your car getting hit.

  1. It gives you the ability to Multitask

When taking the bus, you are able to get some last minute work done before reaching your destination. You can also be on your phone to your heart’s content without being fined.

  1. Less chance of getting a speeding fine

Most of us have at least once gone over the speeding limit because we were in a hurry. When taking the bus, you don’t have any stress of keeping to speeding limits.

  1. It’s more environmentally friendly

It is more economical for say ten people to ride in one vehicle releasing gas into the ozone layer than ten different cars on the road. Making use of public transportation is a greener option in many ways.

With a fleet in excess of 80 expertly driven and well-maintained vehicles, Mega Coach guarantees comfort and satisfaction. In order to experience the best bus travel has to offer, contact us on 011 249 8700 or Info@megacoach.co.za to book with us. You have seven reasons to say yes and zero to say no.


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