5 Reasons why you should travel alone at least once in your life

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Travelling with friend and family is a wonderful thing and most of us would certainly like to share great experiences with the people we love. Sometimes though, we need a moment to step back and focus on ourselves, particularly those people who give a lot of themselves to others. Here follows a few reasons why we should all make a point of travelling alone at least once.

You gain more self-confidence

Exploring the unknown completely alone does wonders for your self-confidence. It challenges you do things which you normally would never do. If you ever doubt yourself and tend to ask someone for help, travelling solo will give you the confidence that yes, you are very capable of achieving things on your own, without help.

You meet a lot of interesting new people

If you are travelling on your own, you do not then have to bother communicating with any companions. It leaves you free to meet new people and really immerse yourself in the local culture.

When we suggest going solo, it does not mean you draw away from people on the contrary, you are opening a larger space to socialise with new people who perhaps would never fit in your comfort zone.

You are free to follow your own whims and itinerary

Without having to include someone else in the decision making process, you are free to do whatever you please, whenever you please. Go explore and do as many things as you possibly can; no limits. You can go to the beach and go paragliding because no one is there to complain about the sand and heights.

You discover new things about yourself

Although this sounds a bit mushy, you really do discover things about yourself you never knew before. Why? Because travelling alone is all about focusing on you, your abilities, your thoughts, your feelings. There honestly is no better way to unite with yourself and find a purpose if before you have felt lost, stuck in an existential period.

You will become a more confident decision maker

We often tend to rely on others to make decisions when we feel indecisive. If you are on your own, you are in charge of making decisions, a great learning experience particularly to those working in or aiming for managerial positions. Learn to listen and trust yourself, then you will have no better ally.

3 Reasons why you should use a bus to do so

It is safe

There is constantly people embarking and disembarking, constant activity, which means you are never truly left alone.

It is affordable

Imagine the cost of petrol if you had to pay for it on your own. Buying a once off ticket, free of toll charges as well, is a much more affordable option.

See more of the world

Without having to worry about driving, you can see more of the beautiful world passing outside the window. This also gives you the opportunity to start a travel journal and write of the things you see and experience as you go.

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